Overdraft Protection

Sometimes mistakes happen. Let Cross Valley FCU help you find a solution!

Cross Valley FCU understands that sometimes you can’t plan and prepare for everything in life. But one thing you can do is to make sure you’re covered when the unexpected comes your way by enrolling in our account protection tools.

Whether it’s a slight mistake you may have made in your checkbook, a car repair you weren’t prepared for, or an unforeseen emergency, we understand that life throws us curveballs and mistakes can happen.

Cross Valley FCU offers an array of solutions to help you meet your financial needs even when predicaments arise. These convenient protection options help make sure your account is covered.

Standard Overdraft Protection

Cross Valley FCU’s Standard Overdraft Protection automatically moves money from share to share draft to pay for overdrafts, as long as funds are available. Although there is no monthly charge, there will be a fee per overdraft.

Courtesy Pay (Full Overdraft Protection)

Courtesy Pay is a safety net to protect against life’s every day unexpected occurrences and emergencies. It provides you the with the security and peace of mind of knowing your transaction will be processed, not returned for insufficient funds, and it prevents you from being charged any additional fees by a merchant.


Have you ever written a check and later realized you didn't have sufficient funds in your account to cover it? Of course! That's why Cross Valley FCU offers Courtesy Pay. Here's how this service works:

Courtesy Pay covers overdraws on your checking account up to $500.00, (including the per item Courtesy Pay fee).

This is not a loan and therefore you will not need to complete and an application.

If you've already signed up for Overdraft Protection Transfer, funds will first be transferred from the account you've designated to cover the overdraft. If sufficient funds aren't available in that account, or if the transfer isn't enough, the overdraft will be paid through Courtesy Pay.

After the overdraft is paid, you must make a deposit within 30 days to bring your checking account into positive balance

Courtesy Pay is based on a tiered fee structure. Please review our Schedule of Fees for details.


Courtesy Pay is available on personal share draft accounts only. It covers overdrafts from ACH, draft or check posting, ATM/Debit transactions(opt-in required), including Point of Sale(opt-in required). Please note that Cross Valley FCU reserves the right to reject overdrafts against any account until it can verify the account is being maintained in good standing.

Please log into your home baking so that we may obtain your secure signature when signing. Once your logged in please click on the forms tab at the top of the page then select Courtesy Pay Opt-in/Opt out form. Once your information is filled out hit the submit button and your secure form will be sent to a representative. Questions? Visit any Cross Valley FCU branch or call (570) 823-6836.

Always have funds in your account when you need it most.

If you would like more information on any of Cross Valley FCU’s Overdraft Protection Solutions contact the credit union today and start living with the financial peace of mind that you want and deserve.

*Overdraft Line of Credit is a credit product and subject to credit approval.