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Share Draft Checking

Relax. You’re doing more with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.

Our Share Draft Checking is a simple, straight-shooting account that keeps more money in your wallet with no monthly fees, no minimum balance and 100% free online banking. No hassles, no fuss, no fees.

Open your account now!

What belonging feels like.

An account that feels bigger than basic.

Second Chance Checking

Everyone deserves a second Opportunity.

Listen, we understand that managing money can be hard. Sometimes we don’t quite land the jump on our first try.

That’s why we offer our Second Chance Account², so members who’ve had financial hurdles in the past can have a fresh start and get the support they need to succeed.

I’m ready to open an account

Go ahead and smile. Second chances feel great.

Upon member request, an account may be reviewed for qualification for a free checking upgrade

To qualify for free checking upgrade, the Second Chance Share Draft must maintain a positive balance for twelve (12) consecutive months and have no NSF activity.

Direct Deposit

Straight into your account, no lines, no waiting.

Your money, straight into your account.

When you choose direct deposit, your employer sends your pay electronically to the account(s) of your choice. Want to put $20 of each paycheck into a savings account and the rest into checking? No problem! You can easily set that up.

  • Faster Payments – Direct deposits are electronic (ACH) transactions, meaning you’ll get paid up to two days earlier.¹
  • Convenience – Your money is automatically deposited into accounts of your choice.
  • Security – Direct deposits can’t get lost, stolen or forged.
  • Reliability – Direct deposit ensures your money is deposited on time, every time.
  • Record keeping – Direct deposit creates a record that’s easy to track and manage.

Need to get paid up to two days early? Coming soon, a direct deposit option¹ to give you access to your paycheck even faster.

Overdraft Protection

Mistakes happen. We’ve got you covered.

Many of us have been in situations where we thought we had more in our account than we did. Oops, we made a purchase for more than our balance. Then, we got slammed with an overdraft fee. Ouch. The best way to insure against this kind of surprise is to enroll in one of our Overdraft Protection plans.

  • Standard Overdraft Protection:
    This plan automatically moves money from your Cross Valley Share Savings Account (as long as funds are available) to your checking account to cover any overdrafts. There’s no fee for transferring the funds, but there will be a fee for each overdraft.
  • Courtesy Pay:
    This plan covers overdrafts on your checking account up to $750.00. Courtesy Pay is $35 for each overdraft and after the overdraft is paid, you must make a deposit within 30 days to bring your checking account into a positive balance.

With two forms of overdraft protection available, this added level of protection is extra peace of mind worth having. Login to Online Banking and sign up today. See our overdraft disclosure for more information.


Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file from the payer. Cross Valley FCU generally makes these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to two (2) days earlier than the scheduled payment date. Subject to change without notice.


Second Chance Checking is only eligible to consumer accounts and does not qualify for Courtesy Pay. Member will be charged a monthly service fee of $3.00. If Second Chance Share Draft remains negative for 15 days, the checking and debit card will be closed, and the checking will be charged off. No fees are returned on a Second Chance Share Draft account.