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Personal Loans

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Personal Loans

Fuel big plans with purposeful borrowing.

When you have a chance to do something big—remodel your kitchen, take a dream vacation or finally pay off your high-interest debt—a Personal Loan is your ticket to ride. Dealing with an unexpected emergency and need some cash? A Personal Loan is there to help and often at a far lower rate than predatory payday loans.

  • Rates as low as 7.50% APR¹
  • Terms up to 72 months²
  • Borrow up to $25,000² with no collateral 
  • Use the funds for nearly anything

Coming soon, your own Personal Line of Credit! Details to come.

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You dream it, a Personal Loan can make it reality.

Secured Personal Loan

Borrow knowing you're covered.

To apply for a Cross Valley FCU Secured Loan contact the credit union or or visit a Cross Valley FCU branch location nearest you.

Borrow with your own money.

Enjoy a significantly lower interest rate when you secure your loan with your Cross Valley Share Savings or Share Certificates. The money you already have in these accounts acts as collateral, allowing you to easily borrow money with the assurance of an asset tied to the loan. Even with your money used as collateral, they’ll still continue to earn you interest!

  • Super-affordable rates
  • Loan amount based on your savings or certificate balances
  • Terms up to 180 months
  • Debt protection available

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Personal Loan (unsecured)0-36 months10.75%
Personal Loan (unsecured)37-48 months10.75%
Personal Loan (unsecured)49-60 months10.75%
Personal Loan (share-secured)Up to 180 monthsShare rate +2.00%
Personal Loan (certificate-secured)Up to 180 monthsCertificate rate +2.00%

We’ve got plenty of other rates and terms available.

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Payday Loans

With interest rates as high as 400% and super short windows to repay the loan, payday lenders can be really bad news, especially if you’re in a tight financial spot to begin with. They often lead to a cycle of debt that’s tough to escape.

On the other hand, Personal Loans offer a far more affordable loan option with repayment terms that work with your schedule—not against it. Interested in learning more about this awesome loan product? Reach out to one of our Certified Financial Counselors today.

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Let’s Talk About…

5 Benefits of Personal Loans

If you’re not yet convinced that a Personal Loan is the best option for life’s various expenses, let us break it down for you in five simple reasons:

  • Flexible use: You can use a personal loan nearly anything, from unexpected medical bills, debt consolidation or travel.
  • Lower interest rates: Personal loan interest rates are typically lower than credit cards, making them a more cost-effective borrowing option.
  • Fixed payments: Monthly payments are predictable and fixed, making it easier to budget and plan your finances.
  • Build credit: Timely repayments on a personal loan can positively impact your credit score, helping you establish or improve your credit history.
  • Quick approval: Personal loans often have a faster approval process compared to other types of loans, providing quick access to funds.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APRs are as low as the rates advertised above and include a 0.25% APR discount for automatic withdrawal of loan payment each month. Rates are for qualified borrowers who meet certain credit criteria. Payment example: $87.16 for $1,000 borrowed at 10.75% APR for 12 months. Rates and terms subject to change without notice. Membership requirements apply. Other rates and terms available. Contact credit union for full loan details.


Maximum loan amount is $25,000. For loan amounts over $15,000, the maximum term is 72 months, and the rate is as low as 13.75% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Your actual rate will vary depending upon your credit worthiness. Other rates and terms are available. Offer is subject to change without notice. Payment example: for a 72-month term at 13.75%, the monthly payment will be $20.59 per $1,000 borrowed.