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Youth Accounts

(570) 823–6836

Youth Accounts

Building financial literacy, one person at a time.

Everybody started their financial education somewhere. At Cross Valley, it’s our fondest wish to have all community youth start right here.

That’s why we offer a starter savings account created especially to help young adults learn about managing their money.

  • Designed for members ages 12 and under
  • Share Savings Account available
  • Joint account holder must be a Cross Valley member
  • Free financial education available through our team of counselors
Start them early. They'll thank you later.

Executive Student Program

What's the right financial path for your teen?

The foundation of financial independence.

When your teen is ready for the next step in their financial journey, our Executive Student Program (E.S.P.) includes the foundational tools needed to help them understand, save and earn for their future.

  • Designed for high school students aged 13-18
  • Joint account holder must be a Cross Valley member
  • Share Account and Share Draft Accounts available
  • Mastercard debit card included
  • Access to over 55,000+ ATMs
  • Good Student Rewards eligibility
  • Scholarships available

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Let’s Talk About…

Financial Literacy for Teens

For teens, financial concepts can be tricky to grasp. Even if they’ve landed a job in school, understanding the value of saving is difficult. We’re here to help.

Cross Valley offers free financial literacy materials and will perform classroom visits upon request. Reach out today to schedule your visit.

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They have questions. You can give them answers.

Opening a savings accounts for your kids at Cross Valley is easy and painless. We’re here to answer all your first-timer mom or dad questions!

Joseph Rodriguez, Cross Valley Teller

Double up your college savings.

If you’re between the ages of 16 and 19 and looking to further your education in college, let us assist you with your future tuition.

Save anywhere from $250.00* to $1,000, and we will match your funds with a check made out to the school of your choice.

  • Open a primary and secondary share (savings) account at any convenient Cross Valley branch location or online. Be sure to request that the title of that secondary share be named “Tuition Fund.”
  • Set-up direct deposit or personally deposit your paychecks and/or funds you have earned from your job into this account. (If you do odd jobs for cash, we will still match your deposits. You will just need to log the details of how much you earned on the attached sheets.)
  • Only deposits are allowed into the “Tuition Fund” account. If you withdraw from that account, we will not be able to match these funds.
  • Once you have reached your savings goal with the amount you want us to match, be sure to let us know.
  • Once we have verified the account’s deposits, we will have a check ready within 5 business days made out to the school you will be attending.

We’re proud of your many accomplishments, and this is one way we can help you continue that! Contact us at (570) 823-6836 for any questions about the Tuition Fund Program.

Empowering the next generation.

Cross Valley partnered with Northwest Area High School to launch Ranger Credit Union, a student-led branch in Shickshinny, PA.

Serving a rural community with limited opportunities, this school-centered credit union provides financial services and programs, including employment at a school coffee shop, scholarships, and personalized financial counseling to over 200 students, fostering local ties and economic empowerment in a rural community with limited opportunities.

Does your school need more Opportunity for students? Reach out to our Chief Experience Officer, Jill McGlynn, for more information on making a student-led branch a reality.

Contact Jill

This is student Opportunity.

It gives us time to get money and make deposits without feeling rushed because we barely have time for anything while also being in school. It’s very convenient.

Lily Grant, Cross Valley Member and Student Employee at Ranger Credit Union

Good Student Rewards

The rewards of educational excellence are unlimited.

A small token of encouragement.

We see the work you’re doing. The hours studying, asking questions and showing up. We see your commitment in the classroom and on the field. And for that, we think a small token of encouragement is deserved.

As a student member of Cross Valley, receiving academic awards, such as honor roll, a GPA of 3.0 or better or proof of volunteering at an event or with an organization, makes you eligible for a $5.00 reward into your Share Savings Account.

  • Receive up to one $5.00 deposit per quarter
  • Qualifying E.S.P. account is required 
  • Joint account holder must be a Cross Valley member

Show your work


The minimum required amount of $250.00 must stay in the account for at least 6 months.