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Financial Wellbeing

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Financial Wellbeing

A holistic approach to you.

With Cross Valley, the member (that’s you) is at the core of everything we do. You’re our focus, not our profit. So it would only make sense for us to invest right back into you day in and day out.

Other than low rates and higher yields, we do this by offering Financial Wellbeing services that are and will always be 100% free—no strings attached. We’ll help you set and meet your goals, and we’ll be here for you when it’s time to celebrate your wins.

Check out what we have in store for you:

Smile. You’re in control.

Financial Counseling

Make a plan. Stick to it. Weather any storm.

Say hello to WealthWise—your in-house support team.

When it comes to financial guidance, Cross Valley FCU has you covered with WealthWise—free, unlimited access to our in-house team of Certified Financial Counselors.

From creating savings goals to better understanding rates and your credit score, the WealthWise team is at your service and available to Cross Valley members and their family.

100% free financial advice is just a click away. Schedule your session today.

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How we’ll make your best financial self:

No topic or question is off the table. We’ll provide guidance, advice and services, even if they aren’t through Cross Valley. We’re here for your goals, not ours.

What we can offer:

  • Money management basics and advanced planning
  • Financial goal setting and accountability check-ins
  • Help and guidance with financial emergencies
  • Loan comparisons and sound lending advice
  • Credit improvement guidance
  • And so much more

You set the stage, we play the supporting role. Whatever it is you’re seeking, even if it’s just our opinion, we’ll deliver.

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Heaven Merenich

“We can educate members on ways to save, which might include going over how much they make and seeing what kind of budget would best suit their needs and personality. We can even run a soft credit report and go over their debt-to-income ratio; provide tips on how scores can be improved or best practices for paying off debt. We work to understand the member and create a structured, personal plan that will hopefully be effective for their lives and strengthen their financial wellness.”

Heaven Merenich | WealthWise Team

Get to know the WealthWise team:

Melissa Husted
Melissa Husted WealthWise Team | Wilkes-Barre

My name is Melissa but known by my coworkers and members as Missy. I live in Nanticoke with my two kids, two dogs, and husband, Hank. I am the Branch Manager of the Main Office but also serve as the Branch Coordinator of our team and help to oversee all of our locations. I have been with Cross Valley since 2014. I love being a financial counselor because I enjoy being able to guide our members through their financial journey and help them find new ways to reach their goals even when times are tough.

Sarah Mullery
Sarah Mullery WealthWise Team | Wilkes-Barre

I grew up in Lake Ariel and currently reside in Swoyersville. I have been with Cross Valley for 6 years now, in the lending department the entire time. I love when I am able to help a member get a loan such as buying their first car or getting out of credit card debt. Becoming a certified counselor has given me the tools I need to be able to go above just getting members funds when they need it and actually help them reduce stress in their life with all aspects of their finances and it is something they can use forever not just the term of the loan.

Heaven Merenich
Heaven Merenich WealthWise Team | Mocanaqua

“Originally from Freeland, I serve as the branch manager at Mocanaqua and our Ranger Credit Union student branch. I love this job because I get to help people of all ages understand the importance of financial wellness—especially the students who are just starting their financial journey.”

When emailing, do not include any sensitive account or personal information.

Credit Management

Credit score management made easy.

Think of your credit score as your financial fingerprint and Cross Valley is here to ensure it’s a masterpiece. With tailored advice and strategic planning, we’ll work with you to boost your score and open doors to Opportunities you didn’t know you had.

Our team of Financial Counselors sees the person in you, not just the score. Together, we’ll elevate your financial profile and help keep it there.

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Credit sessions are included with your membership and are available through our in-house team of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors.

Manage one of life's scorecards with ease.

Let’s Talk About…

Understanding the scorecard:

What’s the magic number to aim for with your credit score? The highest you can get is 850 but the average person has a credit score between 685 and 714 (based on age).

Paying bills on time, maintaining a low credit card balance and diverse credit types all positively impact your credit score. On top of that, avoiding late payments and managing debt responsibly also contribute to a healthy credit profile. Want to learn more?

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We’ll work one-on-one with you to:

  • Help you monitor and manage your credit reports
  • Understand the factors that affect your score
  • Simple practices and tricks to help raise is
  • Get a personalized score analysis Learn how to increase your score based on your score analysis Get alerts for any significant changes to your score or reports

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Credit sessions are included with your membership and are available through our in-house team of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors.


Fueling education ambitions.

Each year, Cross Valley makes thousands of dollars available to graduating seniors. In fact, since 2000, we’ve given away more than $69,000 in scholarships to local seniors heading into colleges or universities.

Continuing your education isn’t always cheap but by making scholarships available to student members, we can help trim down the price tag.

Keep an eye on our website, branches, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) for upcoming scholarships and how to apply.

College is hard enough. We’ll help make it a bit easier.