Whether your savings goal is to plan for an upcoming expense, increase your retirement funds, or simply move money from another investment, Cross Valley FCU Certificates are the perfect way to save and earn more.

Certificates are the perfect no-risk investment you can use to save for your future. Cross Valley FCU Certificates are flexible, and offer dividends at higher rates than normal savings accounts, but require that the money deposited stays in the account for the length of the term. Otherwise, a penalty can be imposed for early withdrawal.

With a $1000.00 minimum deposit, you can open a Cross Valley FCU Certificate and choose the term that’s best for your financial situation. Smart investing is the key to a successful future. With Cross Valley FCU’s federally insured savings certificates, your principal investment is always protected. Deposits at Cross Valley FCU are insured up to $250,000.00 by National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government.

Certificate Features

  • Ability to pick your maturity date. View all Certificate terms and dividend rates to choose what works best for your financial situation

  • The longer the term, the higher the dividend rate

  • Lock in your dividend rate for the entire term when you open your account

  • Dividends compound monthly and at maturity

  • Automatically renews upon maturity, or transfer the funds in an account or IRA of the same type

  • Unlike stocks and other investments, Certificate dividend rates won’t change with market conditions

Types of Certificates

  • Savings Certificates

  • Traditional IRA Certificates

  • Roth IRA Certificates

  • Coverdell Education Savings Account Certificates

Whatever you're dreams are, Cross Valley FCU is here to help you reach them.

Contact Cross Valley FCU today to lock in one of our Certificate Specials, or to learn more about additional rates and terms.