Cross Valley Federal Credit Union

Direct Deposit

Get peace of mind and instant access to your funds.

Direct deposit is the fast, secure way to automatically have your paycheck, retirement check, or any recurring automatic payment deposited into your Cross Valley FCU checking account. And, you'll still receive a pay statement from your employer, enabling you to keep accurate records.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • Safe: No need to worry about checks getting lost or stolen. Plus, you don't have to be in town for your money to be securely deposited into your account.
  • Easy: Just enroll in Direct Deposit and you can allocate funds to your Checking and/or Savings Accounts!
  • Convenient: Avoid trips to the Credit Union to make your deposit or cash your check. Plus, you'll never forget to make a deposit.
  • Fast: Gives you instant access to funds – you no longer have to wait for checks to clear.

Payroll Deduction

With free Payroll Deduction, you can have a portion(s) of your net pay deposited into your credit union account(s). It’s another convenient way to manage your money. You can use this service to make contributions to your Secondary Savings Account or even a Vacation Club account. It’s the "no excuses" way to save.

Getting started with direct deposit is easy!

Just provide your employer with the Cross Valley FCU ABA routing number: 2313-86881 and your account number. Then, complete our Payroll Deduction Form to let us know how you want your funds dispersed across your accounts and loans each month. If you need assistance contact the credit union or visit the Cross Valley FCU branch location nearest you.

Mobile Banking

Download our free eMobile Money App today for your iPhone or Android.

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