Executive Student Program

The Executive Student Program was designed to help students 13-19 start off on the right road to financial responsibility. E.S.P. is available to students who are in the family of a member of Cross Valley FCU.

Share/Savings Account

You must deposit $5.00 to establish your account with Cross Valley FCU. Your account earns dividends (interest) from day of deposit to day of withdrawal. Open an account today by filling out a membership card at your local branch. If your parents will be co-owners of the account; they must also sign.

Share Draft/Checking Account

When you sign up for the share draft (checking) account, you will receive 175 share drafts (checks) free. There is no per check charge or monthly service charge. To open a share draft account you must fill out a share draft application. Students age 13-17 must have a parent as a co-signer.

E.S.P. Scholarship

Cross Valley FCU awards scholarships each May to E.S.P. members graduating and continuing their education in college. Students must have a B average or higher to be eligible for the scholarship.
Click Here For A Printable Version Of Our Scholarship Application

Good Student Rewards

As an E.S.P. member you will be eligible for $5.00 Good Student Deposit, if you receive an award such as honors, athletic awards, etc. Each student can receive one award per quarter. To receive your award, just send a copy of your latest report card or award. Copies should be mailed or faxed to Cross Valley FCU.

VISA Debit/Check Card Students!

You can use this card to access your share and share draft accounts at any Cross Valley FCU ATM or at any ALLPoint ATM. Click here to view our ATM locator. All transactions at Cross Valley FCU ATM are no charge. Withdrawals at non-Cross Valley ATMs may be subject to a surcharge.

Our Mission Statement

The Credit Union exists only to serve its members. To achieve this goal, the credit union will adapt to changes in the marketplace and market the Credit Union to employees and families in the existing companies in the field of membership and in the underserved areas in the charter, but also offer the Credit Union to all consumers through Field of Membership expansion.

Get in touch

Main Office: 640 Baltimore Drive Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 597 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Phone: (570) 823-6836
Toll Free: (800) 548-2849
PAL: (570) 823-3063

Lost/Stolen Cards
ATM/Debit: (800) 472-3272
Elan Credit Card: (800) 558-3424

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